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Mutations in cardiac T-box factor gene TBX20 are associated with diverse cardiac pathologies, including defects of septation and valvulogenesis and cardiomyopathy.
Edwin P Kirk, Margaret Sunde, Mauro W Costa, Scott A Rankin, Orit Wolstein, M Leticia Castro, Tanya L Butler, Changbaig Hyun, Guanglan Guo, Robyn Otway, Joel P Mackay, Leigh B Waddell, Andrew D Cole, Christopher Hayward, Anne Keogh, Peter Macdonald, Lyn Griffiths, Diane Fatkin, Gary F Sholler, Aaron M Zorn, Michael P Feneley, David S Winlaw, Richard P Harvey
Am J Hum Genet 2007; 81(2):280-291
ICID: 510647
IC™ Value: 13.58
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